large sign against blue sky with a cross, a fish, and a slogan that says 'I never lent you my flesh. Go vegan.'

Jesus knew that “the seas and all that move in them” praise God (Psalm 69:34 and Isaiah 42:10).

Just in time for the start of Lent, PETA has placed a new billboard ad in Baltimore and El Paso, Texas, in which a fish proclaims, “I Never Lent You My Flesh. Go Vegan.” This eye-opening declaration encourages Christians who observe Lent to skip fish on Fridays and recognize that fish are intelligent, highly social individuals with distinct personalities. We shouldn’t kill or eat them during Lent or at any other time.

Many Christians abstain from eating land animals on Fridays, particularly during Lent, in order to honor Jesus’ sacrifice of his own flesh to atone for all sin, but they eat aquatic animals instead, as if they weren’t also living flesh. The purpose of observing this important season of the Christian calendar through abstinence, including from flesh, is to pray, reflect, and emulate Jesus’ lifesaving compassion—so we shouldn’t be eating anyone’s flesh.

two dead tuna fish being sprayed with water in black and white

Pope Francis has publicly encouraged everyone to treat animals as kindred beings. In his encyclical on caring for creation, he wrote, “[W]e must forcefully reject the notion that our being created in God’s image and given dominion over the earth justifies absolute domination over other creatures.”

In a letter to participants at the EU Youth Conference in Prague in July 2022, the pope called meat-eating part of a “self-destructive trend” of consumerism and urged them to prioritize sustainability. He wrote, “It is urgent to reduce consumption not only of fossil fuels but also of many superfluous things; and also, in certain areas of the world, it is convenient to consume less meat, this can also help save the environment.”

vegan battered fish with French fries and vegan tartar sauce in blue and white checked paper and red plastic basket

We’re asking all those who observe Lent to enjoy a compassionate season by leaving fish and all other sentient beings off their plates. With foods like Gardein’s f’ish filets, Good Catch’s Fish Burgers, and dozens of other widely available, delicious plant-based foods, we can still enjoy the dishes we love—but without the cruelty.

Vegan eating benefits your own health, helps protect the environment, and saves animals, and Lent, a period of self-reflection, is the perfect time to reject cruelty and violence.

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