woman dressed in blue fish outfit pretending to be dead with sign behind her saying "We're fish not filets"

PETA Latino and PETA LAMBS have partnered to share an important message of Lenten compassion: Leave fish and all other animals off your plate this Lent by going vegan now and forever!

Trapped inside a net at the start of Lent, PETA Latino supporters dressed as fish led an aquatic “die-in” in Texas. During this period of reflection, PETA LAMBS has joined PETA Latino in the plea for Houston and San Antonio locals to recognize fish as sentient beings, not filets.

activists dressed as dead fish lying on corner of busy urban street

“Whether they were born on land or in the sea, no animal wants to be carved up for dinner,” says PETA Latino Manager Gabriel Ochoa. “This Lent and beyond, PETA Latino urges everyone to keep all of God’s creatures—including those who swim—off their plates.”

Many Christians abstain from eating land animals on Fridays during Lent in commemoration of Christ’s sacrifice of His own flesh on the cross. But if the purpose of observing this important season of the Christian calendar is to pray, reflect, and seek to emulate the lifesaving compassion that Jesus showed us, then we shouldn’t be eating fish either.

Like humans and all other animals, fish are part of God’s perfect creation. He gave them thought, reason, emotional capacity, and the ability to feel pain. Studies of fish intelligence have found that they have cultural traditions, complex relationships, and advanced communication skills. They even show affection by gently rubbing against one another.

God never instructed Adam and Eve to eat any of His animals. Indeed, many theologians explain that He expressly told them and their descendants to watch over the animals and care for them. Surely, that must mean being vegan—for the Lenten season and beyond.

That’s why PETA Latino and PETA LAMBS supporters dressed as fish, “dying” in nets, and asked everyone to go vegan for Lent—and forever.

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Man wearing black with a serious expression and holding a sign asking people to go vegan for Lent